The Florida Taxicab Association (FTA) is a membership organization comprised of the leaders in Florida’s taxicab industry.

Current membership is diverse in size and business location. As a whole our member company comprise nearly 3,000 taxicabs throughout the State of Florida and have a significant impact on the overall economy in the State as well as the localities in which we operate. We also are active members in each community, creating employment opportunities and supporting important community and not-for-profit initiatives. The primary mission of the association is to share best industry practices and advocate as a unified voice as it pertains to new laws and regulations in Florida.

Recent Articles

Uber temporarily suspends pick-up services at FLL, Port Everglades

Uber has temporarily suspended pick-up service at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Port Everglades, an Uber representative said. Drivers were notified of the change via email Monday night and told that they would be in jeopardy of having their Uber account deactivated if they attempted to pick up passengers at either location. Uber said drivers […]

Happy birthday Uber, now grow up!

  In early June, Uber announced its inaugural (one year) anniversary in a letter to Florida Governor Rick Scott. In the letter, the company stated it had given “8 million” rides in Florida and that “more than 20,000 residents” had driven for the company last year alone. Besides the self-congratulatory tone of the letter, its real purpose […]


Florida Session Ends with Uber’s Preemption Efforts in the Doghouse

By Roger Chapin, Vice President with Mears Transportation Group With the Florida State Legislature now adjourned, efforts to hold Transportation Network Companies accountable to the same standards as traditional taxicab companies will undoubtedly return to the local level. TNCs (or so-called peer-to-peer taxi services) like Uber and Lyft have, of course, resisted attempts by local […]

With Bi-Partisan Support, Florida House Hails Tougher Background Checks for TNCs

  During debate Thursday, April 23rd on the TNC bill by Representative Matt Gaetz (R) in the Florida House, Rep. Kathleen Peters (R) offered an amendment to the legislation requiring more stringent background checks for TNC (Uber & Lyft) drivers that also passed as part of the overall bill. Rep. Peters’ amendment requires all TNC […]

Uber Again Seeks Measures to Punish Florida Municipalities That Regulate TNCs

  Uber, the $40 billion company that stops at nothing to get its way, is up to its old tricks again at the Florida Statehouse. Last week, State Rep. Matt Gaetz, presumably at the request of Uber, tried to strip critical state road funding from cities and counties that did not adopt Uber’s business plan. […]