The Florida Taxicab Association (FTA) is a membership organization comprised of the leaders in Florida’s taxicab industry.

Current membership is diverse in size and business location. As a whole our member company comprise nearly 3,000 taxicabs throughout the State of Florida and have a significant impact on the overall economy in the State as well as the localities in which we operate. We also are active members in each community, creating employment opportunities and supporting important community and not-for-profit initiatives. The primary mission of the association is to share best industry practices and advocate as a unified voice as it pertains to new laws and regulations in Florida.

Recent Articles

Should Uber drivers be fingerprinted?

Uber is fighting back against lawmakers who want to implement fingerprint checks on its drivers, sparking a debate over to what degree drivers should be vetted before joining the ride-hailing service’s massive fleet. One of several bills pending in the Massachusetts legislature would require Uber applicants to submit fingerprint samples that would be cross-referenced against […]

Bringing Out the Regulatory Wheel Clamps for Uber

  The big headlines in the political war on ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have come from New York City. In a Manhattan speech in July, Hillary Clinton cast a skeptical eye toward the innovative business models of the “gig economy.” Around the same time, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced—and then quickly abandoned—a proposal […]

Uber’s Plan to Keep Driver Complaints Out of Court

  Uber says its drivers should enjoy the freedom that comes with setting their own hours, as long as that freedom ends at the courthouse steps. As its California drivers battle to be treated as employees with benefits—rather than independent contractors—the world’s most valuable startup is arguing they can’t go to trial. According to the […]


State Rep Ritch Workman is an Uber Driver – Taxi Association Applauds His Decision

It is being reported that Florida State Representative and powerful House Rules Committee Chairman Ritch Workman is driving for Uber. The Florida Taxicab Association (FTA) congratulates Rep. Workman and applauds his decision to experience first hand the issues facing the vehicle-for-hire industry. “We are not against Uber or Uber drivers”, said Roger Chapin, Vice President with Mears Transportation […]

Wanted: Uber Drivers

  Miguel Moran Diaz, 46, was arrested in April by the FBI in Miami. Talal Ali Chammout, 56, was arrested last week and remains in custody at the Dallas County jail. What do both men have in common? They were both Uber drivers.  They both had serious criminal pasts. The fact is that neither of them […]

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Goes Native Over Proposed Regulation in NYC

  What is it about New York politics that turns successful businessmen into shrill, spoiled little brats? It appears that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has gone native and is taking a page from Donald Trump’s playbook this week as he shamelessly fights back against New York Mayor Bill de Blasio in a bare-knuckled political fight […]