The Florida Taxicab Association (FTA) is a membership organization comprised of the leaders in Florida’s taxicab industry.

Current membership is diverse in size and business location. As a whole our member company comprise nearly 3,000 taxicabs throughout the State of Florida and have a significant impact on the overall economy in the State as well as the localities in which we operate. We also are active members in each community, creating employment opportunities and supporting important community and not-for-profit initiatives. The primary mission of the association is to share best industry practices and advocate as a unified voice as it pertains to new laws and regulations in Florida.

Recent Articles

Uber Recognizes New York Drivers’ Group, Short of a Union

_ Uber announced an agreement on Tuesday with a prominent union to create an association for drivers in New York that would establish a forum for regular dialogue and afford them some limited benefits and protections — but that would stop short of unionization. The association, which will be known as the Independent Drivers Guild and […]

Why Uber And Lyft Are Leaving Austin

_ Harry here.  Big news broke over the weekend that Uber and Lyft are leaving Austin, Texas.  Today, RSG senior contributor Christian Perea breaks down exactly what went wrong and why Uber and Lyft are such sore losers when it comes to dealing with the government. Over the weekend, 56% of Austin citizens rejected a proposition put […]

Miami-Dade makes Uber and Lyft legal

The Miami-Dade County Commission voted 9-2 on Tuesday to legalize ride-sharing services, including Uber and Lyft. The companies, also known as transportation network entities (TNEs), have been operating in the county for several years without legal approval. The ordinance sponsored by Vice Chairman Esteban L. Bovo Jr. will officially recognize and license their business model. […]


Uber Spends $8 Million to Defeat Fingerprints in Austin – What Do They Have to Hide?

 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – In the ongoing debate over regulations related to public safety, Uber has gone nuclear, spending more than $8 million in a municipal election to pass a proposal to eliminate the City of Austin’s ability to require specific public safety measures for Uber drivers including fingerprinting.  – “Considering the cost to perform […]

Career Criminal Uber Driver Pulls Gun on Orlando Passenger

An Uber driver in Orlando was accused of pulling a gun on a passenger, according to police reports and complaints filed with Uber by the Uber passenger two days ago. Equally alarming is the fact that the Uber driver also has a lengthy arrest record, including serving 30 months in prison for Grand Theft and […]

As Accidents and Assaults Pile Up, Sen. Brandes Pulls ‘End Around’ for Uber

  To say that Florida Senator Jeff Brandes has been a champion for Uber would be an under-statement.  The Senator has pushed “model legislation,” written by Uber, as a solution for any regulatory impediment the company may encounter in Florida now or in the future.   Uber’s “model legislation,” which passed the House earlier this […]