The Florida Taxicab Association (FTA) is a membership organization comprised of the leaders in Florida’s taxicab industry.

Current membership is diverse in size and business location. As a whole our member company comprise nearly 3,000 taxicabs throughout the State of Florida and have a significant impact on the overall economy in the State as well as the localities in which we operate. We also are active members in each community, creating employment opportunities and supporting important community and not-for-profit initiatives. The primary mission of the association is to share best industry practices and advocate as a unified voice as it pertains to new laws and regulations in Florida.

Recent Articles

The hidden costs of being an Uber driver

Via Washington Post: Be your own boss and leave the drudgery of the 9-to-5, Monday-through-Friday workweek behind. Those are the dreams of many workers, especially those who have faced flat wages for years while paying more for essentials such as education, health care and housing. The sharing economy skips over the traditional economy and connects people […]

Uber Can’t Really Prove That It’s Caused A Reduction In Drunk Driving Accidents

Last week Uber revealed another way the ridesharing service is revolutionizing travel: Cities that use Uber see a reduction in drunk driving accidents among young people, a company report showed. “When empowered with more transportation options like Uber, people are making better choices that save lives,” the company declared. David Plouffe 2013 President Obama’s former campaign manager who […]

The sharing economy is a lie: Uber, Ayn Rand and the truth about tech and libertarians

Disruptive companies talk a good game about sharing. Uber’s really just an under-regulated company making riches Horror stories about the increasingly unpopular taxi service Uber have been commonplace in recent months, but there is still much to be learned from its handling of the recent hostage drama in downtown Sydney, Australia. We’re told that we […]


Uber Driver Seeks Clarification from State of Florida Regarding Insurance Requirements

  Confounded by conflicting information from a variety of sources, a former Uber driver is asking the State of Florida to clarify the insurance requirements for “ride-sharing” drivers. Orlando resident Matthew Bumgardner sent a letter to Florida’s Insurance Commissioner and the Director of Highway Safety asking both officials for clarity on liability and insurance issues impacting […]

Letter to Palm Beach County Commissioners

  The Florida Taxicab Association sent the following letter to Palm Beach County Commissioners regarding upcoming hearings that will focus on policies governing “ride-sharing” services like Uber and Lyft operating in the County:   Dear Commissioners: In the coming weeks and months, you will begin discussing policy related to vehicles for hire, specifically Uber.  This […]

“Uber Lucy” Pulls the Football Away in Orlando…Again!

  Much like Charlie Brown’s comic strip classmate and all-around frenemy, Uber can’t resist a last-minute lark – making promises before inevitably yanking the football off the tee. It’s a deceptive game the “peer to peer” taxi company has thoroughly enjoyed playing with the City of Orlando and regulators around the country. Last year Uber […]