The Florida Taxicab Association (FTA) is a membership organization comprised of the leaders in Florida’s taxicab industry.

Current membership is diverse in size and business location. As a whole our member company comprise nearly 3,000 taxicabs throughout the State of Florida and have a significant impact on the overall economy in the State as well as the localities in which we operate. We also are active members in each community, creating employment opportunities and supporting important community and not-for-profit initiatives. The primary mission of the association is to share best industry practices and advocate as a unified voice as it pertains to new laws and regulations in Florida.

Recent Articles

Uber to pay $28.5M in class-action settlement over safety claims

  Uber has agreed to pay $28.5 million as part of a class-action settlement claiming that it misled riders with claims over the safety of its service. The settlement includes two lawsuits, Philliben vs. Uber Technologies Inc. and Mena vs. Uber Technologies Inc. The lawsuits said that Uber misled consumers in claiming that its rides […]

Lawmakers advance Hillsborough only ride share bill

  A House committee advanced a bill that would give Hillsborough County regulatory powers over ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft, but the measure could be dead on arrival in the Senate over disagreements on background checks and driver insurance. Filed by House Majority Leader Dana Young, R-Tampa, and Rep. Dan Raulerson, R-Plant City, HB […]

Uber should pay for full cost of its risk

  Recently, Uber sent out an alert urging the Legislature to act so it could do business in Florida. What? Last time I checked, the Uber app was live from Key West to Pensacola. In fact, most localities now allow “transportation network companies.” Dade and Broward counties made changes for Uber. Sarasota deleted all regulations, […]


Screen shots of Uber app shows insurance scam

The Florida Taxicab Association (FTA) released three (3) screen shots of the Uber app today showing why a higher level of “commercial” insurance should be required when the Uber driver’s app is ON, but NO passenger is in the vehicle. In Florida, taxis and all “vehicles for hire” are required to carry commercial policies 24/7 […]

News Alert: Uber Driver Pulls Gun on Florida Passenger (again)

For Immediate Release Following an incident in June when an Uber driver was accused of shooting a passenger in Clearwater, another incident took place this week in Bradenton as an Uber driver drew his gun when an ill passenger resisted leaving the vehicle. The driver admitted to the officers that he drew his weapon, despite Uber’s firearms ban that was […]

Uber Drivers Going Off the App – A Growing Trend

  Orlando, FL –  Reports of Uber drivers ditching the app to arrange their own rides off the technology platform are growing.  And while the trend is bad news for Uber, it’s worse news for drivers, passengers, third parties and ultimately everyone who currently plays by the rules of road.   Reporter Maria Bustillos recently […]