Internal Documents Allege Sexual Assaults Piling Up for Uber, FTA Releases Second Ad


The Florida Taxicab Association (FTA) just released its second ad taking aim at ridesharing companies such as Uber and LYFT and the ever growing list of assaults and criminal behavior by their drivers.

The release comes just hours after a bombshell news report by BuzzFeed that leaked internal documents from Uber show the company may have over 6,000 rape complaints, 5,827 sexual assault complaints and a policy that advises customer service reps handling non-consensual sexual contact cases to “determine media interest” before taking more serious action.

The ad released by FTA also takes aim at the mounting sexual assault incidents with ridesharing companies such as Uber and LYFT.  A young woman’s voice, says, “I’ve never had any problems, but I have to admit, some of the recent stories I have read make me nervous about using them, especially by myself.”

In the background, actual newspaper headlines from around the country stack up, citing the many problems the ridesharing industry has had including rape, sexual assaults, molestation, battery, civil rights violations, stalking, questionable background check procedures and other criminal behavior by their drivers.

As the headlines scroll across the screen almost too fast and too many to read, one refers to an uber driver striking a passenger “in the head with a hammer”.  Others include, “Sexual Assault by an Uber Driver Against a Teen”, “Sexual Battery in Virginia”, “Sexual Assault in Dallas”, “Convicted Felon in CA Passes Uber’s Background Check”, “Florida Man Faces 4th DUI while Working as an Uber Driver” and so on.

“It’s hard to imagine some of these stories could be true?” questions the woman narrator as the headlines scroll by.  “There’s no way all these stories are true.  Are they?”

Ridesharing companies such as Uber and LYFT have come under attack from victims, law enforcement and state prosecutors for their lax driver background check procedures and driver screening, including one prosecutor who called Uber’s background checks, “completely worthless.  Last month, Uber settled a $29 million lawsuit that they misled the public over claims their background checks were “industry leading” when compared to background checks using actual fingerprinting.

Last week, Uber launched their own ad attacking taxi association member, Mears Transportation, but the ad was removed by YouTube and Vimeo over potential copyright infringement.  The Florida Taxi Association is currently running ads on TV in Tallahassee and Orlando titled, “Make Ridesharing Safer”.  The campaign is critical of insurance gaps and background check procedures for ridesharing companies like Uber and LYFT.

The Florida Taxicab Association believes all vehicle for hire drivers, whether they be taxi, rideshare, or Transportation Network Company (TNC) drivers should be required to pass a Level II background check that includes fingerprinting and Uber drivers should be required to have adequate insurance 24/7.

The new FTA ad can be viewed on YouTube.

A full list of headlines with citations that appear in the ad, including deaths, assaults, sexual assaults, kidnapping, felons, imposters, DUIs can be found here.


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