Uber Says They Don’t Need Pay Drivers Based on Fare

Uber is fighting a proposed class-action lawsuit that says it secretly over charges riders and under pays drivers. In its defense, the ride-hailing service claims that nobody is being defrauded in its “upfront” rider fare pricing model. The fares charged to riders don’t have to match up with the fares paid to drivers, Uber said, […]

Passenger Dies After Punch by Uber Driver

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (WFLA) – A man is dead after he was punched by his Uber driver in a dispute over directions in St. Petersburg. Terry Kimball, 56, was hospitalized around 7:30 pm Friday with serious brain trauma after a ride with 38-year-old Kabir O’Farril Diaz. Investigators said Kimball had disagreed with the route Diaz […]

FTA Calls for Consumer Protections in Proposed Ridesharing Bill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ORLANDO, FL, Jan. 11, 2017 — Lawmakers from the Florida House and Senate will announce today the introduction of legislation related to ridesharing and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs). The Florida Taxicab Association (FTA) is calling for a thorough and comprehensive debate that balances the interests of all stakeholders. “As an industry, we agree […]

Rapes by Uber Drivers on the Rise, Candidate Randolph Bracy Still Opposes Background Checks

Randolph Bracy, candidate for Florida Senate in District 11, voted to allow Uber and other drivers to avoid Level II background checks requiring fingerprint verification. As a member of the Florida House, Bracy has consistently sided with special interests over public safety despite an alarming rise in sexual assaults by Uber drivers and polling that shows overwhelming […]

Uber Spends $8 Million to Defeat Fingerprints in Austin – What Do They Have to Hide?

 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – In the ongoing debate over regulations related to public safety, Uber has gone nuclear, spending more than $8 million in a municipal election to pass a proposal to eliminate the City of Austin’s ability to require specific public safety measures for Uber drivers including fingerprinting.  – “Considering the cost to perform […]

Career Criminal Uber Driver Pulls Gun on Orlando Passenger

An Uber driver in Orlando was accused of pulling a gun on a passenger, according to police reports and complaints filed with Uber by the Uber passenger two days ago. Equally alarming is the fact that the Uber driver also has a lengthy arrest record, including serving 30 months in prison for Grand Theft and […]

As Accidents and Assaults Pile Up, Sen. Brandes Pulls ‘End Around’ for Uber

  To say that Florida Senator Jeff Brandes has been a champion for Uber would be an under-statement.  The Senator has pushed “model legislation,” written by Uber, as a solution for any regulatory impediment the company may encounter in Florida now or in the future.   Uber’s “model legislation,” which passed the House earlier this […]

Internal Documents Allege Sexual Assaults Piling Up for Uber, FTA Releases Second Ad

  The Florida Taxicab Association (FTA) just released its second ad taking aim at ridesharing companies such as Uber and LYFT and the ever growing list of assaults and criminal behavior by their drivers. The release comes just hours after a bombshell news report by BuzzFeed that leaked internal documents from Uber show the company may have over 6,000 rape complaints, 5,827 sexual […]

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