Rapes by Uber Drivers on the Rise, Candidate Randolph Bracy Still Opposes Background Checks

Randolph Bracy, candidate for Florida Senate in District 11, voted to allow Uber and other drivers to avoid Level II background checks requiring fingerprint verification. As a member of the Florida House, Bracy has consistently sided with special interests over public safety despite an alarming rise in sexual assaults by Uber drivers and polling that shows overwhelming public support for fingerprint background checks.
Despite numerous instances of sexual assaults by Uber drivers, including women and children, Bracy says requiring drivers to be fingerprinted is a “discriminatory screening requirement for entrepreneurs.” He also ignored the fact many of these drivers would not be on the road in the first place if they were required to pass fingerprint verification by law enforcement.


Just this week, prosecutors charged an Uber driver with rape of a 16-year-old female passenger. The driver was operating with an 8-page criminal record including multiple convictions for drug and violent offenses.
Last week, another Uber driver was found to be a Level 2 Sex Offender, convicted of raping a child. The driver admitted he didn’t disclose this fact to Uber. The company said they have “banned” the driver from the platform and is “investigating the matter.”
Last month, in Bracy’s own district of Orlando, police arrested an Uber driver for sexual assault. Uber said in statement, “The allegations are concerning and we’ve been in contact with law enforcement to assist their investigation.”
With the growing number of sexual assaults in Florida and across the country, Uber has been forced to create a “dedicated team who works with law enforcement agencies across the country” to deal with the shear volume of incidents.
Private internal documents from Uber show the potential for several thousand accusations of sexual assaults by their drivers. Violent crimes including battery and sexual assaults, that have been reported to law enforcement and the media, are piling up against Uber drivers in alarming numbers.

Uber argues that mandatory fingerprint-based background checks would “prove a disadvantage to minorities, who are arrested at a disproportionately higher rate.” However, the Florida Taxicab Association discovered the real reason Uber won’t perform fingerprint background checks is there are not enough drivers who would actually pass the background check.

Recently Uber admitted this, writing to regulators in Tampa that if they are required to perform fingerprinting they would not be able to provide “the same access to reliable and affordable transportation services that the public has come to expect because there are not enough drivers available.”
The Florida Taxicab Association calls on Senate candidate Randolph Bracy and all candidates to support common sense public safety measures for Uber drivers, including fingerprinting and background checks that are verifiable by law enforcement. 
Candidates should put PUBLIC SAFETY over UBER’S PRIVATE PROFIT.