Career Criminal Uber Driver Pulls Gun on Orlando Passenger

An Uber driver in Orlando was accused of pulling a gun on a passenger, according to police reports and complaints filed with Uber by the Uber passenger two days ago.
Equally alarming is the fact that the Uber driver also has a lengthy arrest record, including serving 30 months in prison for Grand Theft and Burglary, as well as an arrest associated with knowingly driving with a suspended driver’s license in November 2014.
The driver also has extensive motor vehicle violations including moving violations, failure to appear, expired tag and no proof of insurance.
This report comes on the heels of an alarming trend of sexual assaults by Uber drivers on passengers and revelations of Uber support representatives ignoring complaints unless the media was involved.
Uber has also come under fire for their driving screening process, including paying $29 million for a lawsuit related to claims about the effectiveness of their background checks, which one state prosecutor called “completely worthless”.
The Florida Taxicab Association calls on Uber to re-verify every driver in their system and come clean with regulators, lawmakers, police and the public about the lack of effectiveness of their driver screening policies and adopt Level II fingerprint verification for all driver background checks.
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