Uber Refuses to Respond to Grand Jury or Comply with Fingerprint Requirements – Why So Secret?

A female passenger is accusing an Uber driver of being involved in her sexual assault in St. Louis. Uber, as they’ve done in thousands of similar incidents, issued a statement. Like a broken record, they claim to have¬†“fully cooperated with the St. Louis Police Department and will continue to work with them on their investigation.”
Uber also said they have a “dedicated team who works with law enforcement agencies across the country” as it relates to sexual assaults and other crimes involving their drivers.

Which should lead the public to ask two important questions:
  1. Is Uber really “cooperating” with law enforcement?
  2. Why does Uber need a “dedicated team who works with law enforcement agencies across the country”?
The answer to the first question is easy. They are not. In fact, Uber has refused to comply with St. Louis Metropolitan Taxi Commission rules that require drivers be fingerprinted for background checks. In Austin, instead of complying with fingerprint background checks, Uber left town. In cities throughout Florida, Uber continues to violate laws related to simple and inexpensive background checks.

According to the St. Louis Police Department, Uber is dragging their feet with the investigation. “On July 12, Uber was sent a Grand Jury Subpoena to which they have not yet complied with,” said St. Louis Police Department.

To the second and more serious question, why does Uber need a “dedicated team” to deal with crimes committed by their drivers? It’s because the criminal incidents involving Uber drivers have reached alarming levels. Internal documents from Uber show potentially thousands of accusations of sexual assaults by their drivers. And actual crimes,¬†including sexual assaults, that have been reported to law enforcement and the media are piling up against Uber drivers.

Uber continues to refuse compliance with any law enforcement agency that requires fingerprint background checks. In addition, they have spent millions lobbying against the same public safety requirement in cities and state capitals across the country. And now we have learned Uber has been forced to employ a “dedicated team” to deal with the thousands of criminal accusations against their drivers.

Uber refuses to comply with simple background checks. They refuse to fully cooperate with law enforcement and victims of crimes by their drivers. They have formed a “dedicated team” internally to deal with mounting criminal activity involving their drivers. Which should lead policy makers to ask a few more questions:

Why not comply with fingerprinting? Why not cooperate fully with victims? Why does Uber need a “dedicated team” to deal with complaints?