Uber Spends $8 Million to Defeat Fingerprints in Austin – What Do They Have to Hide?

In the ongoing debate over regulations related to public safety, Uber has gone nuclear, spending more than $8 million in a municipal election to pass a proposal to eliminate the City of Austin’s ability to require specific public safety measures for Uber drivers including fingerprinting.
“Considering the cost to perform fingerprint scans is about 25 bucks, Uber and Lyft could have registered and performed background checks on 320,000 drivers across the country instead of a smear campaign in Austin,” said Louie Minardi, President of the Florida Taxicab Association.  “Makes you wonder what they have to hide?”
Uber has long contended that their background checks are “good enough,” despite incident after incident showing drivers slipping through the cracks of their background check system and Uber drivers committing unthinkable crimes against the public including sexual assaults, kidnapping and battery.
Just as policy makers are finally realizing the general public overwhelmingly supports public safety requirements, including fingerprint background checks for Uber drivers, Uber will stop at nothing to achieve their agenda of zero safety regulations for their drivers.
“Spending $8 million in one city is not about Austin alone,” said Roger Chapin, a public affairs executive in Orlando.  “It’s a message to any elected official, mayor, judge or law enforcement officer.  Do what we want or we will bury you next.”
The election in Austin is May 7th.  For more information on how to combat Uber’s $8 million campaign, visit https://www.ourcityoursafetyourchoice.org.